Published on Friday, November 20, 2020

The platform aims to help investors navigate the new market conditions produced by the coronavirus pandemic.


Tauro Capital Advisors has launched a new advisory services platform aiming to work with investors that are navigating the new market conditions and fundamentals brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. The platform will both help investors develop solutions to new challenges as well as unearth new opportunities.

“The pandemic has certainly had an impact on every aspect of the economy, including commercial real estate. Our goal with the launch of this new advisory platform is to help investors navigate in a post-COVID environment,” Stephen Stein, managing partner at Tauro Capital Advisors, tells “There are several uncertainties and challenges, as well as opportunities that have emerged because of the pandemic. We believe it is extremely important to act as a partner to create solutions that will help today’s investors meet these unprecedented changes both during and post-COVID, while also keeping the entire financial picture in mind.”

Stein says that the firm is well versed in providing clients with creative solutions to complex capital problems, and thought this new advisory platform was a good way to target new demand in the market. “We understand how to deliver creative capital solutions and by expanding into a deeper advisory role we can help investors take a more comprehensive view of their asset performance,” he says. “The new advisory platform provides a variety of services including, real estate asset management, capital structuring, owner representation, acquisition due diligence, market research, and distressed solutions including bankruptcy value-add services and loan workouts. All of these features enable us to expand our role as advisors and provide a more strategic level of guidance, which we believe is invaluable at this time.”

Undeniably, the pandemic has changed the world we live in, and Stein says that will include business transactions as well. “COVID will certainly change the way companies do business long-term,” he says. “That said, even when a vaccine is available investors will need to conduct portfolio-level analysis, evaluate transactions and existing debt, and preserve their assets, which is where our financial expertise comes in.”

In response, he expects that many owners will hedge against downside risk by reallocating capital to new asset classes and even reshaping current real estate portfolios. “Investors will likely continue to adapt by diversifying their portfolios into assets that provide more stability and limit downside exposure, such as triple-net leased properties,” says Stein. “Over the last several months, we have seen an influx in demand for NNN deals and many investors shifting strategies towards a focus on this asset class.”