Kingsbarn Realty Capital is a
real estate private equity firm
focused on providing structured
real estate investments to
high-net-worth individuals,
family trusts, foundations, and
institutional investors.

Kingsbarn Realty Capital acquires commercial real estate assets throughout the United States. We offer both direct and indirect real estate investments and provide our clients with the opportunity to invest in our various structured real estate private placements. Kingsbarn's management team has extensive experience developing, managing, and sponsoring a diverse array of stabilized core properties and income-driven investment funds. The company offers competitive, risk-adjusted returns to investors through its diversified investment programs.


Community Involvement

Every relationship is an opportunity for us to make a difference.  Community sponsorship gives us the chance to help our community thrive. We offer consistent support to nonprofit organizations such as Nepal Without Limits and Goodie Two Shoes, as well as to our local little league teams. We participate in various other charities, with individual contributions, when we identify a compelling need where we can make a difference.   

Nepal Without Limits is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to the most impoverished  communities in Nepal. Nepal Without Limits strongly believes that the wellbeing of children sets the foundation for the health and prosperity of their communities and focuses on educational and economic assistance to children in rural areas of Nepal.

The Goodie Two Shoes Foundation provides disadvantaged children and children in crisis with new shoes and socks, as well as other items deemed essential for good health and positive development.

Corporate Sustainability

At Kingsbarn, we pride ourselves in helping people experience financial well-being and are committed to corporate sustainability. When investing in real estate, we focus on new, energy-efficient properties that meet the needs of their respective communities and conserve our natural resources. One such development, 39° North in the Lake Tahoe region, is a workforce housing community currently in development which will provide much needed housing to its presently under-served community.

As a highly diversified investment manager, Kingsbarn is also pleased to be part of several significant joint ventures that provide life-extending medical treatments to cancer patients (Advanced Radiotherapy Technologies), as well as the manufacturing of important pharmaceutical ingredients and needed food additives (Fusible Innovations JV).

Our Advanced Radiotherapy Technologies team is a group dedicated to providing oncologists with state-of-the-art radiation equipment in Kingsbarn-developed radiotherapy clinics. In our Joint Venture with Fusible Innovations, Kingsbarn is developing a highly specialized chemical manufacturing plant that will produce potassium chloride and phosphoric acid, a key ingredient in pharmaceuticals and in foods.

At Kingsbarn, we target assets that do more than just help our investors experience financial well-being. We invest in products and services that have a positive impact in our community and our world.

Investor Relations

At Kingsbarn, we proudly serve our clients with integrity and professionalism. We recognize that Kingsbarn would not be Kingsbarn without our investors, so we are constantly developing partnerships and expanding our products to meet your needs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.


Mel Myers
VP of investor Relations

Ammie Wallace
Managing Director,
Investor Operations


Media Relations

Media relations for Kingsbarn is provided by The Ferraro Group.

The Ferraro Group is a leading regional public relations and public affairs firm that provides strategic communications to businesses, corporations, industry associations, governments, and non-profit organizations. With offices in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Reno, Carson City and Washington, D.C., the firm concentrates on strategic positioning of established and new brands, reputation and crisis management, social media and marketing strategies, lobbying before elected officials and government agencies, and other communications services.


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