Are you ready to become part of an entrepreneurial culture within a rapidly expanding real estate private equity firm?

Kingsbarn was founded as a real estate development and investment firm (Kingsbarn Realty Capital) by our CEO, Jeff Pori, almost a decade ago. Jeff had spent the better part of the last 30 years building a deep, complex portfolio of property developments and other real estate investments for his clients. Having successfully created significant investment opportunities in the real assets segment of the investment horizon via his real estate solutions, Jeff decided to expand the growth opportunities he has directly generated for his clients in real assets to other asset classes and investment strategies.

In addition to real estate development and investments, Kingsbarn now offers fixed income, equity, and alternative strategies to investors via financial intermediaries. In 2020, Kingsbarn Capital and Development was founded as the company's development arm to expand its product offerings for investors to include ground-up development of real estate assets. The company also recently invested in several joint ventures that provide much needed medical treatment, pharmaceutical ingredients and food additives. Then, in December of 2021, Kingsbarn Capital Management launched the first non-real estate Kingsbarn fund (KDRN) on the NYSE.

At Kingsbarn, we place value not only in our investments, but in our employees. We pride ourselves in our passion and professionalism. Our employees are integral to our identity as a trusted financial firm, and we know Kingsbarn would not be Kingsbarn without them. Join Kingsbarn today.