Kingsbarn's entrepreneurial spirit is what makes our firm so adept at working directly with private investors and clients.

As a product of our culture and approach, we systematically look at each investment from every angle to ensure that our clients and partners experience the best possible outcomes with their private capital investments. Utilizing a variety of structures, leverage thresholds, and alignment of interests, we effectively manage the multitude of risks unique to each investment to best achieve the investment objectives of our clients and partners.


Private Real Estate

Providing access to a full range of private real estate opportunities across multiple asset classes and risk spectrums, we leverage our expertise by offering our clients custom solutions through access to development, value-add, core and core plus assets. Our "Client First" approach, coupled with full transparency across every phase of our process, gives investors all the information they want and need to proceed with confidence.

Private Debt

We deliver an investment strategy that is designed to protect downside risk while still providing income and returns that align with our clients' goals. We actively manage these investments with a keen eye toward both the overall portfolio risk as well the micro risks associated with the individual assets within the portfolio. We utilize our proprietary investment thesis to add value over time while maintaining prudent levels of portfolio credit and duration risk.

Separately Managed Accounts

Our breadth of resources and capabilities allows us to provide customized solutions where many other money managers may be unable to access the needed and essential competencies for such customization. As a diversified investment manager, we understand how to manage risk in both customized and traditional investment scenarios. We also manage venture risk by focusing on investment duration and interest rate management. Our active management and customized, fixed income investments provide our investors with portfolio solutions that are unique in the retail market.

Partnerships & Joint Ventures

Utilizing our deep levels of experience in development and asset management, we actively pursue co-investments and other various structures as we partner with investors, landowners, and developers to realize common investment strategies and goals. Every deal or project is a potential opportunity to leverage our significant experience and leadership in the traditional sense, but also to provide our partners with our insight and expertise regarding best use, financing structures, and exit strategies. We forge a true partnership in which goals are aligned and expectations are met.