A new approach to Managed Accounts by providing superior
solutions for today’s volatile fixed income and equity markets.

Why Kingsbarn for Managed Accounts?

We know experience counts and Kingsbarn’s team has more than a hundred years of providing investors ideas to uniquely manage risk and protect downside without giving up future gains. Our view is to look past historical norms and provide solutions that manage risk in ways investors never knew were possible.  

From inception to design through implementation and execution Kingsbarn is there every step of the way.


A full evaluation and review of the client’s portfolio to identify pain points and issues today but also the ability to look out ahead and see potential problems on the horizon.


Develop strategies that are purely investor first and provide the most effective risk managed path forward.
Implementation – We are there every step of the way to provide a harmonious transition to the platform, working directly with your team on all account paperwork and account processing.


Trading the account with full transparency, catering to the client’s requirements with a tactically managed strategy to meet the risk managed return metrics in today’s ever changing market environments.


Investment Strategies

Real Estate
Income Managed Account

The investment strategy is to invest in publicly traded real-estate trusts and gain levered exposure to real-estate assets.  Using prudent asset selection and relative value rebalancing to generate and maintain current income.  Followed by tail risk protection using interest-rate and equity derivatives to protect the capital base.


Process & Philosophy


We use both a “top - down” and “bottom - up” strategies in our investment process. “Top-down” strategies focus on duration, yield curve positioning, volatility, and yield spreads.

These strategies are deployed from a macro view of the portfolio driven by our outlook of the forces likely to impact the global economy. “Bottom-Up” strategies focus on individual security selection – seeking attractively priced companies and their securities across the capital stack within a relative value framework.

We employ advanced proprietary analytics and expertise in real-estate. The objective is to combine perspectives from both the portfolio and security levels to consistently add value over time within acceptable levels of portfolio risk.


Agency Mortgage
Income Managed Account

A low turnover mortgage backed bond strategy focusing on high quality mortgage backed securities with a primary investment objective to optimize income, consistent with preservation of capital and prudent investment management. Seeks spread income above treasuries while preserving capital across different market environments.


Process & Philosophy


We are committed to active bond management within a long-term framework. Our investment process begins with our top down approach, where we develop our three- to five-year outlook for the global economy, inflation and interest rates. Through our quarterly reviews, we assess the more short-term trends – those in the next 6 to 12 months – within our long-term outlook.

The macro review help guide exposures in portfolios to specific factors, including interest rate sensitivity and spread risk. Rigorous bottom-up analysis, using advanced proprietary tools and the firm’s expertise across fixed income markets, drives the security selection process and facilitates the identification and analysis of undervalued securities.

The objective is to combine perspectives at both the portfolio and security levels to consistently add value over time with prudent acceptable levels of portfolio risk.