Executive Team

Jeff Pori

Mr. Pori is a real estate entrepreneur, investor, and architect of Kingsbarn Realty Capital (“Kingsbarn”) structured investment programs... Read Bio ›

Philip Mader
Chief Investment Officer,
President Kingsbarn Capital & Development

Phil brings over 30-years of experience... Read Bio ›

Ray Jones
General Counsel – JD

Mr. Jones serves as General Counsel for Kingsbarn, with primary oversight over all legal matters... Read Bio ›

Shaun O'Connor
Chief Financial Officer

Shaun O’Connor is an accomplished real estate executive with expertise in finance, operations, risk management and capital optimization... Read Bio ›

Christine Pori
Chief Operating Officer

Ken Lamug
Chief Technology Officer

Dominic Cerminara
Vice President, Finance

Steven Prescott
VP Business Development

Mr. Prescott, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), possesses a comprehensive knowledge of commercial real estate... Read Bio ›

Anthony Hama
VP Development
Kingsbarn Capital & Development

Anthony Hama is a 25-year veteran of the... Read Bio ›

Craig Perry
VP Quality Control Assurance
Kingsbarn Capital & Development

James Frager
VP Construction
Kingsbarn Capital & Development

Executive Staff

Leann Tang
Director, Accounting

Ammie Wallace
Closing Director

Mason Kalashian
Director, Digital Marketing

Jean-Ann Pavoni-Biller
Director, Business Development

Joe Wild
Data Systems Engineer

Anya Wilcox
Art Director

Julia Sampson
Office Administrator

Advisory Group

Ron Glasgow
Managing Director, KB Exchange Trust

Ron Glasgow, CFP is Managing Director of KB Exchange Trust, Kingsbarn’s sponsor of Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) programs.... Read Bio ›

Elle Demetriou
Vice President, KB Exchange Trust

Elle Demetriou is the Vice President of KB Exchange Trust, a leading provider of Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) programs.... Read Bio ›

Jeffrey Farnsworth
Regional VP, Bay Area North

Mr. Farnsworth is a seasoned real estate executive with extensive experience in business leadership, operational oversight... Read Bio ›

James Yoder
Regional VP, Bay Area South

Louie Goros
Regional VP, Los Angeles - South

As Regional Vice President, Louie Goros leverages his brokerage background... Read Bio ›

Alex Hardick
Regional VP, Los Angeles - North

Alex Hardick serves as Kingsbarn’s Regional VP for Northern Los Angeles... Read Bio ›

Matt Ayer
Regional VP, Orange County

Mr. Ayer has been responsible for raising over $100M over... Read Bio ›

James Rossi
Regional VP, San Diego

James Rossi utilizes his tax planning and financial planning... Read Bio ›

Steve Han
Vice President, Asia-Pacific