Published on Friday, April 9, 2021

Nominations are soon closing for GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum’s 2021 Women of Influence recognition. Chosen professionals will be honored at the GlobeSt. Women of Influence Awards Dinner in Park City, Utah on July 22.


Female professionals throughout commercial real estate often find themselves as the only woman in the room during essential business decisions. The historically male-dominated field of commercial real estate has proven to be a challenging one for women to not only infiltrate but to rise up within.

Facing conscious and unconscious biases, women in commercial real estate frequently have their suggestions dismissed and their goals suppressed; solely due to their gender.

Certain sectors of the industry display a greater gap in gender compensation and employment, compared to others. Christine Gorham, president of CREW Network, previously stated that this could in part be due to gender bias in hiring or “due to the lack of women in senior positions, where pay is higher and compensation decisions are being made.”

“If women are not in senior positions, it’s harder to effectuate change by bringing females up through the ranks and sponsoring their directions,” Gorham stated. “We need to make employers and executives aware of these startling differences—and have them look at the entire compensation package, not just salaries—to get the whole picture and take action to correct the disparities.”

Striving to be treated fairly, female CRE professionals continue to overcome adversity and prove their worth through relentless hard work. Establishing themselves as accomplished professionals and experts within their fields, these women persist and continue to achieve success, while furthering female advancement.

As advocates for gender equality, such influential women are not only succeeding within their positions, but they are speaking out and taking action in effort to make a difference and lift each other up.

In an earlier interview with, JLL’s VP and adaptive reuse director, Rainey Shane suggested that women are able to better position themselves for success by understanding the behaviors and inherent strengths that they have.

“Emotional intelligence and empathy that allows us to understand other’s perspectives and feelings, ability to commit and take ownership, a desire to continuously learn and seek input from others, the ability to build and maintain relationships and an inclination to connect with and nurture potential in others are all examples of strengths typically seen in women,” stated Shane. “Taking stock of inherent strengths and cultivating them will form the foundation of confidence.”

Recognizing the fundamental benefits that women can bring to the table, many commercial real estate companies are also prioritizing diversity and gender equality. With more women in leadership roles and a deeper conception of each individual’s strengths, women feel further empowered to capitalize on new opportunities.

Founder and CEO of Neology Life Development Group, Lissette Calderon previously told that at construction sites, her male colleagues often say they wish their daughters could meet her, so that the young women can see that they, too, can work in real estate.

“Maybe some people would think of (gender) as a disadvantage, but to me it’s always been an incredible advantage,” Calderon stated. “There’s strength in being underestimated and then proving yourself.”

“It’s always about breaking down barriers and hoping to leave it a little better for the next generation,” Calderon added.

Considering the extraordinary efforts and strides that women in commercial real estate have made, to not only prove themselves, but to advocate for and empower their peers, GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum is honored to once again shine a spotlight on Women of Influence within commercial real estate.

Since 1983, GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum has recognized a growing number of commercial real estate female professionals for their remarkable achievements. For our Women of Influence class of 2021, we are seeking individuals that have personally impacted the market and have significantly driven the industry to new heights via their outstanding successes.

We are currently accepting nominations across various categories, spanning the entire commercial real estate spectrum. Candidates may be nominated within their specific commercial real estate field and/or within our Special Recognition categories.

In honor of the immense efforts that industry professionals put forth toward furthering gender equality, GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum has added two new Diversity Champion categories, which are available for nomination this year. These recognitions will be presented to a female or male CRE professional and a commercial real estate company that each serve as advocates for female advancement and a catalyst for change and equality within the industry.

We plan to honor the chosen 2021 Women of Influence at our third annual GlobeSt. Women of Influence Awards Dinner, which will be held in Park City, Utah on July 22, 2021 – assuming health and safety guidelines allow. In addition, the Women of Influence will be profiled in GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum’s July/August issue, as well as on

The deadline for nominations is April 14, 2021. To apply, click here.

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